Art Deco Furniture, Art Deco Furniture Designers

Art Deco Furniture

Our art deco furniture has a truly distinctive style. It provides a signature look in any room and is often chosen for its simplistic, classical form. We can craft this specialised furniture to complement the interior design of any home or office. Our highly skilled craftsman combine distinctive geometric shapes and soft curves to create unique modernised furnishings you will adore.

Our art deco furniture can be crafted for any room in your home office or executive space. Our trained artisans can manufacture modernised:

  • Chairs
  • Bookcases
  • Tables
  • Lounges
  • Buffets
  • Bedheads

Our clients are not limited to one furnishing or fitting design and have the option to create a truly individual furniture piece. For customised art deco furniture of high quality, call us on 1300 133 326 today!

Art Deco Furniture Style

Art Deco emerged in the 1930's, the style inspiring countless interior designers over the years. The sleek, curved lines in the furniture prompts a classical yet modern feel and is considered an eclectic form of modernisation.

Art deco furniture will complement overall interior design, yet be strong enough to stand alone. We will combine individual and distinctive shapes with stunning fabrics and veneers to create modernised furnishings that becomes the visual point of any room. The art deco furniture features simple, classical forms and consists of curved lines and geometrical arcs. We have the skill and expertise to meld contrasting elements together and create exclusive modernised furnishings for any room. The detail is evident in the furniture designed and can be combined with existing furnishing items to bring your space together.

For creative fitting and furnishing design, choose the experts - choose us.

Art Deco Furniture Design Specialists

We offer personalised interior design for a unique style. We are not focused on one look and provide diverse design capabilities. Our experienced staff can create interiors based on unique style including art deco, modern, French, Neo Classical, Victorian and Georgian.

Our customised fittings and furnishings is crafted by our skilled artisans from solid timber combined with stunning veneers of flame mahogany, burr walnut and dark rosewood with chrome, and black trim detail.The simple, classical design depicts time periods both current and past. We personally craft all furniture and will do so to complement existing interior. Each piece is carefully constructed to reflect the personality of the owner, the rooms' personality and the space.

We deliver our unique fittings and furnishings across Australia and provides a personalised and exciting experience for our clients. We want our clients to cherish the space and furniture designed, which is why we do our utmost to deliver personalised service every time.

We create exclusive interiors that are based on your personality. Our team work hard to ensure we bring your space together and devise an interior you feel comfortable in.